Abnormal vaginal discharge may be more likely to occur if you :

  • Washing out of the vagina sometimes called douching
  • Using Pantyliners especially every day
  • Using “Feminine hygiene" sprays, powders, or rinses on the vagina and vulva
  • Using bubble baths or other scented bath products
  • Wearing tight or restrictive synthetic clothing (eg synthetic underwear)

Healthier practices include the following:

  • Use water or an unscented cleanser to wash , using warm (not hot) water and the hand (not a washcloth)
  • Do not washout the vagina or use feminine hygiene products
  • Avoid hot baths with scented products
  • Wear cotton underwear; avoid thongs and lycra underwear when you can.
  • Rinse with plain water and/or pat dry after toileting; avoid the frequent use of baby wipes or scented toilet paper