When is vaginal discharge abnormal? 

  • If you have associated fever or temperature.
  • Pain when you pass urine or you have sex.
  • Pain in the lower part of the your belly.
  • Itching of your vagina or the area around the vagina (vulva).
  • Redness, pain, or swelling around your vagina (vulva).
  • If you have discharge that is foamy, green or yellow has blood in it..
  • If you have discharge that smells unpleasant to you.

What are the causes of abnormal vaginal discharge?  Different conditions can cause abnormal vaginal discharge. Some of the common causes are:

  • An infection in the vagina
  • A reaction to a soap or other product in the vagina
  • Changes that occur after menopause
  • A reaction to something in the vagina like a tampon or condom

How is abnormal vaginal discharge treated?  Treatment will depend on the cause .
For example, different vaginal infections are treated with different medicines e.g. bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics.

Can abnormal vaginal discharge be prevented?  Yes, in many cases.
You can help prevent abnormal vaginal discharge by:

  • Using warm water and unscented non-soap cleanser to wash your vulva (the vulva is the area of skin around the outside of the vagina).
  • Taking baths in plain warm water, and not using scented bath products.
  • Wearing cotton underwear, and not wearing underwear or pants that are too tight.
  • Not using sprays or powders on your vagina or the outside of the vagina (vulva)..
  • Not washing out the vagina -sometimes called douching.
  • Not wiping with baby wipes or scented toilet paper after you use the toilet.